Club History

A Brief History of the Aces & Eights of Cape Ann

The Aces & Eights began like most clubs, a group of guys hanging around drinking beer with a common interest, in this case cars. Some time in the late 1950’s the Aces & Eights of Cape Ann began as a car club. Very little is known about this period in the clubs history but in 1962 the Aces & Eights became a 1% motorcycle club. For the next couple decades the club rode, fought and partied through out the local area until life and the law took its toll on the membership and by the mid 80’s the club was dormant.
In the fall of 1990 Hoppy brought together several former members of the club to form a riding club. It would be a club for men that ride motorcycles, and so on December 1, 1990 the Aces & Eights of Cape Ann was reformed. It was during this time that the Banchee Parties began, first in Manchester and then at Centennial Grove Park in Essex. These were real biker parties. A huge cook out and pig roast, live music, bike games and lots of that cool golden elixir BEER! Plus a thing called Banchee Ball. This can only be described as soccer on motorcycles.

With the new millennium there was an explosion in the sales of motorcycles and with that an increase in the number of clubs being formed, so the Aces & Eights decided to step up and become a 1% club again. December 1, 2001 the Aces & Eights MC is back.
January 28, 2002 the Aces & Eights MC is patched over to become the Cape Ann Chapter of the Red Devils MC, an international motorcycle club. In the summer of 2003 they joined with the RDMC Northshore to become RDMC Essex County. After that membership exploded, but sometimes bigger is not better. A year later several members from Cape Ann decided to separate from the RDMC and to fly the Black and Orange colors on Cape Ann Again.

Today the Aces & Eights maintain a club house in Essex. The club is still for men who ride motorcycles, although today they are all Harleys, and we still ride and party throughout the Cape Ann area. Each spring the club puts on the Eddie Memorial Ride which raises money for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Survivors Fund. The club also provides support for the MMSF’s Annual Nelson Ride each August.

So when your out and you see a black and orange flier check it out because it’s the Aces & Eights of Cape Ann putting on another party and you don’t want to miss it.

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